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TORINO, 3-4 May 2016  

Aula Magna at Rectorate of  the University of Torino , Via Verdi 8  – Torino

The “Geoprogress Global Forum (GGF)” is an international conference promoted by the Geoprogress association, a non-profit organisation founded by Italian academics out of various disciplines and universities. Its goal is to contribute to the progress of humanity,  namely to build a better world, and enhance peace and well-being, interdependence between nations, emancipation from starvation and other humiliating deprivations

The initiative is a valuable occasion for focusing on problems, policies and management of territory development, from local to global scale, and for debating  action proposals. It is open to scientists, experts, politicians and anyone around the World who wants to contribute to overcome the above problems. Furthermore the Forum would contribute to initiate a people global network with the same world concept and intentions and therefore help to urge the international policies of their States in the same direction.

In 2016, the forum aims to discuss in detail  the strategies of food security for humanity and put forward new policies and regulations, nationally and internationally,  starting from  a deep analysis of current food geography which involves great differences in nutrition problems in different territories and requires different solutions and overall  a new relaunch of  cooperation  among  people.  The  purpose of this  meeting and  the release of its results is therefore to give continuity to the debate concerning the issues of the Charter of Milan  (2015) and to involve the European and World scientific community.



Geoprogress Onlus invites researchers, officials and every other expert and decision-maker to participate in the workshop and, possibly, also contribute with a paper .

The papers should integrate the introductory reports on food geography and food policies, highlighting  results of case studies or examining in depth specific topics and issues  related  to food  security and/or safety, such as:   Climate change, soil erosion and other change in natural conditions of agro-food production; Geopolitics; Management of natural resources and of agriculture; Water geography and perspectives; Aquaculture; Structure and tendencies of the food world markets; Role of State debts, banking  and microcredit;  Land grabbing;  International trade and its regulation; Environmental policy and  rules;  Education; Poverty and its geography; Poverty, natural environment and agricultural productivity; Role of food aid; Social protection and its impacts; Tourism development; Human  migration and changes in food styles and needs.

Every paper will be proposed for publication to the GeoProgress Journal. So every paper, as well as intervention and report, has to be edited according the norms and format (Style Guidelines…) you find in, and will be submitted to peer review.

Summary of every paper must be sent to by  mid  March 2016

Deadline for the full paper is  mid April 2016.

How to submit a paper

 A short abstract (max 200 words) should be sent by February 10th (new extended deadline) to

 Authors whose proposals are accepted will be notified by the Executive Committee of the GGF

The deadline of full paper submission is mid April 2016

Full papers that will be pass the peer-review process will be published on GeoProgress International Journal (on line journal).


Responsible  of the GGF: Francesco  Adamo,  Prof. Emer. of Economic Geography,  President of Geoprogress  Onlus

Steering Committee of the GGF:  Bjorn Asheim (Norway  and Sweden), Huseyn Bagci,(Turkey), Vincente Bielza de Ory (Spain), Vladimir Kolossov (Russia), Sergio Conti (Italy), Elena Dell’Agnese (Italy),  Labadi Fadwa  (Palestine), Claudio Minca (Nederlands), Julian  V. Minghi (USA), Maria Paradiso (Italy),  Petros Petsimeris (France), Stephane Rosiere (France), Christian Vandermotten (Belgium), Peter Wiltshier (United Kingdom). 

Scientific  Committee of the GGF  2016 : Ana Maria Viegas Firmino  (Chair, IGU Commission on the Sustainability  of Rural Systems), Maria Paradiso (University of Sannio ,  Chair , Italian National Committee in I.G.U.), Maria Sassi,  (University of Pavia, Agrifood Economics) , Fernando Brito Soares (University of Lisboa, Agricultural Economics), Franco Sotte (Politechnic University of Marche; Agricultural Economics and Policy), Andrea Stocchiero, (FOCSIV).

Executive  Committee  of the GGF  2016 : Maria G. Lucia (University of Torino),  Coordinator,                                Marco Giardino (University of Torino), Piercarlo Rossi (University of Eastern Piemonte), Francesca Silvia Rota  (IRES Piemonte), Angioletta Voghera (Polytechnic of Torino)

Secretariat of the GGF 2016 :  Luca Rizzo, Ludovica Alessio, Luisa Mantobbio, Caterina Zadra,


– DIST – Ufficio Eventi:  +39 011 090 7475,  +39 335 53 15 643 ; e-mail:,,,,    +39 335 12 43 112 , +39 0321 375337; Cateria Zadra + 39 3345759695, 0321 1815469.,


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

14:00 – 14:30   Registration of  participants

14:30  – 18:30 CONFERENCE on “Food, geography and food security policies”

Chairman: Francesco Adamo,  President of Geoprogress  (Onlus)

Opening Greetings

Gianmaria Ajani, Rector of University of Torino

Piero Fassino, Mayor of the City of Torino

Reports and Keynotes

Geography, policies and perspectives  of food  security

  • Ana Maria Viegas Firmino, Chair,  IGU Commission on the Sustainability  of Rural Systems
  • Maria Sassi,  Agricultural Economist, University of Pavia (Italy)

Institutional visions, actions and proposals for  food security.

–   Keynote  of  Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of IFAD

–   FAO’s outlook  and actions for hunger zero, Lorenzo Bellù , FAO representative 

–   EU’s outlook and actions for food safety and security , Simona Bonafè, European Parliament member (tbc)

NGO’s  perspectives and policy proposals:

–   Keynote of  Andrea Stocchiero, FOCSIV  (Federation of Christian NGO)


Interventions planned , questions and free interventions on the introductory keynotes.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Papers Presentation

09 : 00 – 10: 00  Chairwoman: Maria Giuseppina Lucia, University of Torino

The  environmental issue in China:  norms and enforcement  after COP-21, Mariagrazia Semprebon, Legal Consultant

Organic food in China: the law behind lüse shipin and youji shipin,, Riccardo Berti, Lawyer

The abandonment of agricultural land in Italy – Italian measures to contrast the phenomenon – The example of the regional legislation on the so-called “land banks”, Giuliana Strambi , Institute of International and Comparative Agricultural Law – NRC

–  Climate change vulnerability, water resources access and food security in Oromia and in Southern Nations,  Nationalities, and  Peoples’ Region (SNNPR), Ethiopia,  Alessandro Pezzoli, Carolin Canessa , Chiara Brunisso, Elisa Bignante, Agnese Natale, Angela Calvo, Elena Belcore,  Andrea Bessone*.  University and Polytechnic of Torino,  *LVIA.

–  Hydrogeomorphological  processes and gully development:  examples from the  Ethiopian Rift Valley and central highlands, Paolo  Billi, University of Ferrara

10:00 – 11: 00  Chairman: Etienne Piquet, Université de Neuchâtel

–  Effectiveness of weather index insurance for smallholders in Ethiopia,Federica Di Marcantonio*, Antoine Leblois**, Wolfgang Göbel*  and Hervè Kerdiles**, JRC-EC and INRA**

Land grabbing: geopolitics and new colonialism,  Paolo  Sellari,  University of  Roma “La Sapienza”

 Food, Feed and Fuel. Geography of productions and market consequence, Vittorio Amato, University of Napoli “Federico II”.

–  Food security, Migration and Environmental change: what do we know about their relations?, Etienne PIGUET, University of Neuchâtel

11:00 Coffee break


11:15- 12: 45  WORKSHOP ON  “ Food and Local Development  Issues”

Chairman:   Egidio Dansero, University of Torino

– Ilaria Dioli

– Paolo Rizzi  and Paola Graziano

– Marco Giardino, Luigi Perotti, Rossella Vigna

–  Francesca S. Rota, IRES Piemonte

–  Luca Simone Rizzo  

–  Egidio Dansero, Giacomo Pettenati, Alessia Toldo

12: 45 Hypotheses  for next  GGF                                                                              Francesco Adamo,  Vittorio Amato, Sergio Conti,  Egidio Dansero, Maria G. Lucia



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Deadline to send registration form and fee is the end of March 2016, but all who wish to attend the workshop, including experts representing the organizations invited to attend, are encouraged to send their completed application form, to as soon as possible.

The registration fee  is € 120,00 and includes:,  social dinner and  lunch, coffee break,  organisation and publication of the papers approved by two referees. The fee must be paid within the due date, with

Bank transfer to Geoprogress (Novara, via Perrone 18) at Banca Prossima, Fil. 5000, Novara (Italy) 
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Those who can not participate to the meeting  but wish to contribute with a paper to the special number of the GeoProgress Journal do not have to pay the fee: they are invited to send a donation, even small,  to  support  the activities of Geoprogress  as   no-profit organization.


Registration form

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GeoProgress Global Forum  on FOOD, GEOGRAPHY AND SECURITY POLICIESTorino (Italy), 3-4 May 2016  – Aula Magna, Rectorat of University of Torino

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